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01 - Strange Guest

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There’s a time which is moving and is true,
like my soul desires to be deep inside of you.
I wanna hold your face and give you lovely smiles,
dreaming and swimming in the blue river of your eyes.
Please take off all of lights aiming at me,
I find myself in the corner behind a tree.
Only an evening strange guest I prove I am,
any good facts haven’t been written for my name.

I can see what’s going on in my brain,
there are thoughts which are looking for a way.
Looking for experiences that I know,
I feel confused ‘cause I don’t know what to show.
Do I have now (to) sing and stand right on this stage?
or I’ve go by stairway falling from the bridge?
Not to feed any pain or bear disease,
not to kill any life as you would please!

I’m gonna find in a day what I want and it´s cruel
and I meet you there going too.
And I try to keep away even If I know that it´s cruel
and the wind goes straight where I move.
It wasn’t a night, a bit of light, but the weather was so cruel
that I know the worst time we’re gonna through.
Hear the words and tell your kids that the people aren´t cruel,
but the lives we’re leading are too much rove!

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